Can Dice Control Help You Win At Craps?

For casual observers of the game and even gamblers, craps looks like a random game of chance. The player throws the dice, and it rolls across the table before bouncing off at the far end of the wall and settling at however the rolling stops. However, people have increasingly been looking into dice control. They want to know what they can about the gambling technique and whether it can help them win. When your money is on the line, you are prepared to do anything to win.

What is Dice Control?

Dice Control

Dice control is the method which is used to throw the dice, which is then said to influence the result. The thought that holding the dice in a certain way or “setting the dice” as it is called is said to give a winning roll, which many gamblers find preposterous. To set the dice, the player must hold the dice with certain numbers covered, leaving others exposed, which is then said to influence how the dice fall. The most popular method of “setting” the dice is to hold the dice in a manner that the threes on the dice form a “V.” Advocates of dice control swear that this reduces the player’s chances of rolling a seven, which brings us to the main idea behind dice control: preventing sevens. Any reduction in the number of sevens rolled gives the player a better chance. As a matter of fact, reducing the number of sevens rolled substantially enough can give the player a mathematical edge in real money craps. By reducing the number of sevens to as little as 1 in 12, the player actually guarantees a long-term profit if they stick to betting the pass line.

Setting the Dice Takes A Lot Of Time Perfecting

Time Perfecting

According to dice control proponents, the player will have to invest in a legitimate craps table. Not only do they have to put in a lot of money into purchasing a full-size craps table, but they also need a massive amount of space somewhere in their home to put it. Then comes hours of practice, because that is what helps the player become good at setting the dice correctly on each roll. There is no point to this advantage gambling technique if they cannot make the same throw consistently. Every roll the player makes involves setting the dice, making the same repeated throwing motion, and checking the result. This is repeated again and again until the player is confident that the throw gives the same result every time and is striking the same spot on the wall or felt.

Does It Come Through?

The dice control experts try to sell the mathematical edge that they claim the player is like;y to receive by manipulating the dice to their advantage. However, they also try to sell them something else like books, training programs and videos to start with. However, the casino is entirely indifferent to dice control players, which gives a vital insight into the technique: it isn’t reliable. If dice control were really that successful, they would be treating these players the same way they treat card counters, which is not the case.